When you're searching for your next vehicle, there are plenty of things to consider. You need to make sure your ride delivers the capability and the luxurious features you desire, so you can enjoy every journey around Lumberton, Mount Laurel, and Medford, New Jersey. Once you find the Lincoln SUV that's right for you, there is only one more decision to make-how will the first drive start?

In our guide to what it means to buy vs. lease a car, you'll learn the distinct advantages that come with each method. Since each driver is different, it's good to know which is the better choice for you and your lifestyle. Our team at the Miller Lincoln Finance Center is happy to assist and find the agreement that works the best for you.

Car-Buying Advantages

Financing the purchase of a car means that you pay the full value of the vehicle in monthly installments. This option takes the vehicle's full value and divides it into monthly payments over a set period of time. Once you finish paying off your loan, you will have full ownership of the model.

Ownership is the main benefit that comes with buying a car. When you own your vehicle, you are free to do what you like with it. You get to drive it for as long a period and for as many miles as you wish, without limit. Owning your car also means that you can modify it as you desire, with accessories and other personalization. 

If equity and the ability to customize your vehicle are a priority, then buying a Lincoln will likely be the right path for you.


Car-Leasing Benefits

In contrast to financing, leasing is a way of keeping your options open for the future. Rather than committing to one vehicle for an extended period of time, leasing lets you adapt your journey on the road as needed. Lincoln lease offers come with a variety of unique perks.

First, you'll have lower monthly payments when you lease your Lincoln. You're only covering the depreciation of the vehicle's value rather than its full worth. You also get to skip the down payment, making it easy to sign and drive.

Each new vehicle lease also comes with a new vehicle warranty. When one lease and warranty ends, another begins. Consistent warranty coverage makes for peace of mind and confidence when you're driving.

Lastly, you'll have different options to explore. once your lease term ends. You can choose to finance the purchase of your leased ride, if you want to hang onto it longer. Technology lovers can lease the latest model and experience the new innovations. Finally, you can lease a different Lincoln altogether, should your needs on the road change. Leasing gives you unique freedom over your present and future drives.

Buy or Lease Your Next Lincoln Today

When it comes down to deciding between buying or leasing your next Lincoln SUV, personal preference and lifestyle needs should be your deciding factors. Whichever method you decide on, our friendly experts are ready to get you into the driver's seat to experience Lumberton, Mount Laurel, and Medford, NJ, in style. 

Contact us at Miller Lincoln to start your journey, with a test drive today!