The Lincoln Way App At Miller Lincoln

Make your Lincoln vehicle even more special with the Lincoln Way™ app. Capability and luxury are at the heart of any Lincoln vehicle, and the Lincoln Way app gives you total control in the palm of your hand. Use Lincoln Way to connect to Miller Lincoln or another authorized dealership for a tailored and convenient experience, wherever adventure takes you.

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Bespoke Lincoln Luxury

With the Lincoln Way app, getting in touch with Miller Lincoln or your local dealership is a breeze. Simply set up your preferred dealership for access anytime to schedule your maintenance and service appointments. To make certain your vehicle gets serviced on time, we'll even come by directly and pick your car up when it's ready for a checkup appointment, repair visit, or other assistance. When your vehicle is ready for the road again, we'll return it to you freshly cleaned and ready for the next destination so that you don't need to rearrange your busy schedule to keep your vehicle in top shape. When you can do it all from the ease of your mobile device, benefitting from Lincoln's luxury services is easier and quicker than ever.

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Your Vehicle, Your Location

The Lincoln Way app lets you access your vehicle from anywhere on the road or comfortably at home. When you're starting your day, you can quickly start or stop your Lincoln vehicle remotely or even set when it should automatically start at a designated time. Wherever you are, you can get your Lincoln running and comfortable for when you walk out. If you're on the road, you can use the app's Find option to locate a nearby Lincoln dealership, local food stops, gas stations for fuel, and available parking with just the push of a button.

24/7 Assistance And Accessibility

When you need more information about your vehicle or Lincoln services, it's great to have access to someone who can answer those whenever you need. The Lincoln Way™ app connects you with the Lincoln Concierge service at any time from your phone or mobile device. With 24/7 availability for roadside assistance features like replacing flat tires, fuel delivery, or a tow to the nearest dealership, Lincoln is always there for you.

The Lincoln Way™ app is a delux way to connect with your vehicle and the services provided by Lincoln and the Miller Lincoln dealership in Lumberton, NJ.  At Miller Lincoln, we want you to have the best experience possible. Look us up on the Lincoln Way app, or contact us here.