Lincoln Way App Convenience

Convenience and ease of access are key pieces of a luxurious experience. With the Lincoln Way app, you have complete control from the palm of your hand through your mobile device. Make your Lincoln experience that much better with the Lincoln Way app, available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Assistance When You Need It


If you have a question that can't wait, the Lincoln Way app gives you access to a Lincoln Concierge who can answer your questions immediately. With both text and voice chat options available, you'll always have the help you need when you use the Lincoln Way app.

lincoln way app concierge
lincoln way app pickup & delivery

Pick Up & Delivery From Your Phone


Lincoln already makes it convenient to have your vehicle picked up and dropped off when you need service. Now you can schedule your Lincoln's service appointment and arrange for its pick up and drop off through the Lincoln Way app, making the whole process even easier. 


Complete Remote Control


When you want to get your day started smoothly, that means having your Lincoln's engine started and ready for you when you walk out to it. With the Lincoln Way app, you can start and stop your engine remotely, or even schedule it to start to be ready for your drive ahead of time.

remote start lincoln way app

Complete your luxurious experience when you combine the comfort and performance of your Lincoln vehicle with the convenience of the Lincoln Way app. Take control from the palm of your hand and make your drive that much smoother.

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